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Primary Readers \level 3\ Puss in Boots
Інформація для замовлення
Puss in Boots is the tale of a very clever cat. He is so clever that he not only managers to find his poor master a new life but also a real princess to marry. Read and learn what tricks Puss uses to make all this happen. Course features: • Use of basic grammatical structures and limited vocabulary; • Glossy детальніше illustrations on each page; • Simple activities and a picture glossary every four pages; • Fully dramatised version of the story and picture glossary on Audio CD / CD-ROM; • Song; • Instructions for staging a performance of the story provided in the teacher's Book.
Виробник MM Publications
Країна виробникВеликобританія
Вивчення мовиАнглійська
Мова виданняАнглійська
  • Ціна: 207 грн

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